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ROBERTO WALKS HOME by Janice N. Harrington, illustrated by Jody Wheeler

Based on characters inspired by Ezra Jack Keats

Younger brother Roberto is disappointed, angry and hurt when his older brother Miguel, who promises to meet him after school for a game of hoops, is a “no show.”  The reader can easily feel his angst through the sensory yet simple details in the text.  When Roberto finds his brother playing basketball with his older friends, he returns home quietly. He copes with a healthy dose of anger and fantasies, then gives Miguel “the cold shoulder,” when he arrives home. Forgiveness prevails after Miguel apologizes in a way that is expected yet personalizes each character in a genuine way.  This book continues the feeling of a great story time book written by Ezra Jack Keats, as does the urban oriented illustrations which are comprised of acrylic, crayon and collage. 


Anne Beier/Irvington Public Library and Hendrick Hudson Free Library






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A CUP FOR EVERYONE by Yusuke Yonezu (author/illustrator)


While his father tries to keep his cup/mug business going in the next village, his son Pucca, a young penguin, stumbles on a creative solution while playing with clay.  He makes figures of his friends and turns them into cups, which become a big success with all the animals in the village.  When his Father returns home he is surprised, pleased and proud of his son.  This book is compelling.  The illustrations are charming, inspiring and readers will want to linger over them.  This book is sure to be a story time pleaser, and offers a fun question at the end which will spark conversation.


Anne Beier/Irvington Public Library and Hendrick Hudson Free Library 

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THE DOG WHO BELONGED TO NO ONE by Amy Hest (Amy Bates-Illustrator)

With a twist on a much-loved theme, this charming story takes place in a time when boys wear knickers while playing baseball, fresh baked goods are delivered by bicycle, and the glow of a porch light is a greeting of a warm welcome. This provides the story with a unique and special feeling.  An irresistible dog “with crooked ears” and a “nice temperament” longs for a home.  Lia, “a wisp of a girl,” and a strong female character, works hard to help her parents with the family bakery at the edge of town.  Both are lonely.  Both cope internally in parallel ways.  This is a beautiful, yet simple story of a dog and a young girl who find each other, and an excellent story time choice.  It is complimented by watercolor illustrations that are as warm as they are engaging.  Amy Hest is a Christopher Medal winner, and a New York Times best-selling book author. Recommended.


Anne Beier/Irvington Public Library and Hendrick Hudson Free Library

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HOW TO MAKE A CHERRY PIE AND SEE THE U.S.A. by Marjorie Priceman, Author/Illustrator

What would our young, creative baker from How to Make an Apple Pie and See The World, do if she wants to bake a cherry pie but is missing the tools to do it?  The store may be closed, but not her ingenuity.  In this delightful, thought-provoking tale, she takes us on a colorful trip through the U.S.A. Her journey provides an experience for readers where they will discover where the raw materials come from to make a baking pan, rolling pin, potholders and measuring cup, etc.; items often taken for granted.  Each illustration, including the end pages, are as enticing as the sight of a just-baked cherry pie.  Each page includes an interesting fact about a state or area within the U.S. This book will create interesting discussions with children and is a wonderful addition to pair with How to Make an Apple Pie and See The World. Author and Illustrator is a two-time Caldecott Honor Artist. Recommended.

Anne Beier/Irvington Public Library and Hendrick Hudson Free Library

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