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spellboundFrom the moment Athene laid eyes on her baby brother Zach, enmity against him arose in her heart. She was devilishly clever in making his life miserable without arousing suspicion in her feckless parents. Conditions to permanently rid herself of Zach occurred on the family vacation at Freshwater Farms. Athene met speckled creatures called Gloams that lived in the fields. They told her to avoid a large hollow tree because it was magically controlled by underworld Low Gloams that would imprison for life any animal that fell into its grasp. With little effort, Athene got Zach to fall into that trap. The rest of the book recounts her adventures in trying to rescue her brother and to free the rest of the captives. Athene uses her intelligence to help rather than harm in this spell bound world. Through planning, cunning, and cooperating with the Gloams, Athene masters an alternate universe that transforms her.  

J-Fic, Fantasy 

Recommended by Lillian Hecker- Pelham


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SAMMY KEYS AND THE COLD HARD CASH by Wendelin Van Draanen HATE THAT CAT by Sharon Creech (HarperCollins)

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