SMALL FRY written by Jamie Adoff, illustrated by Mike Reed

November 26, 2008 at 5:24 pm Leave a comment

small-fryBeing too little is often no fun when it comes to height and age. This is a collection of poems about wishing to be taller, wishing to be older, and outsmarting others by being small. Other than this general theme, there’s no connection from one poem to the next, and the point of view shifts are sudden, making for somewhat choppy reading.

The illustrator chose to introduce with each poem a new set of characters. This too, along with the fact that each scene fully covers the page or spread, makes for a disconnected visual narrative. The reader might wish some relief in white space to separate the poems and in the repetition of a character now and then.  In the illustrations one often can’t tell whether the small child is too short among peers or too young among older children.  The children portrayed seem to range widely from about 4 to 12 years old.  Sometimes the visual interpretation is too literal and the reader is left wanting a freer and wilder take. 

Picture book- Recommended

Amelia Lau Carling/Pelham






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