CRICKET MAN by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

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cricket-manKenny Sykes has too much time on his hands. He is new to the neighborhood and has just completed seventh grade in middle school. It’s now summertime and every day he watches over his younger brother Davy and swims in his backyard pool. It’s there that he sees crickets hop into the pool and drown unless he skims them off. For this life saving service, Kenny decides that he is Cricket Man and designs a logo for himself of a large “C “and “M’. He tells only Davy what the letters stand for and Davy promises to keep it secret. Kenny is all too aware of the hoots and jeers he would get if some of the kids in school knew about his deeds. Along with a new interest in learning how to skateboard, Kenny also wants to know more about his beautiful sixteen-year-old neighbor, Jodi, who hangs out on her roof and looks sadder week by week. It’s not enough to save crickets; Kenny knows that Jodi is out of her depth as much as any creature and he makes it his mission to help her. This book includes a brief description of child birth that is not too graphic. Kenny is an appealing boy on the cusp of manhood with good instincts and a strong sense of altruism.

YA.  Recommended.  Lillian Hecker-Pelham 


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