MARCO? POLO! NO. 16 (THE TIME WARP TRIO) written by Jon Scieszka and illustrated by Adam McCauley

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marco-poloJoe, Fred and Sam are playing Marco Polo in the YMCA swimming pool. It’s Joe’s turn to close his eyes and call out, “Marco?” The funny thing is that no one answers “Polo!,” and then Joe opens his eyes and finds himself all alone in the desert.  Soon he meets the real Marco Polo back in time in his explorations of Asia and, in a fast developing plot, is joined by Marco Polo’s father and uncle as well as his own buddies Fred and Sam.  They run into all kinds of danger and foul mayhem.  All the trio wants to do is go home. But to be able to do that the boys must find The Book, Joe’s blue book of magic, which has the power to transport them forward in time to their home in Brooklyn. They meet the Kublai Kahn, and they find out he has The Book.  With mischief and cunning, the three boys get hold of The Book and warp themselves safely home through time.  The trio live through mishaps and adventures in the pages of history in yet another fun, formulaic book of this popular series.

Ages 9-12, 96 pages

Recommended.  Amelia L. Carling-Pelham PL


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