THREE CUPS OF TEA : ONE MAN’S JOURNEY TO CHANGE THE WORLD… ONE CHILD AT A TIME by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin and adapted by Sarah Thompson

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teaThis title is an excellent adaptation of the adult version. In 1993, Greg Mortenson tries to climb K2, the second highest mountain in the world.  Weak and disoriented during his dissent, he takes a wrong turn and ends up in the village of Korphe, where the chief of the village and his family save his life.  Greg observes what education is like for children; doing lessons with sticks in the dirt in freezing temperatures, a lack of books and supplies, teachers who come a few days a week, and often never receive their pay.  He promises to return and build a school.  But inhabitants of these small tribal villages have heard that before. 

Greg’s journey is amazing.  He needs to raise funds to build the school, and faces multiple obstacles thereafter.  His remarkable mission continues to grow after one school is built, and through his organization, the CAI, many more are built throughout Pakistan.  A major part of this effort is to educate the girls, and help them become strong women and leaders. Greg’s mission to fight terror and guns with education for children and a chance for real opportunity is inspiring, courageous, full of suspense, and is a most noble effort.

Included in the young reader’s edition, is a who’s who, (very helpful), a glossary, a timeline, and an interview with Greg’s 12 year old daughter.  These help the reader to understand why Pakistan, Afghanistan and to some extent India are plagued by instability.  Greg’s true story provides a strong context for recent past historical events and a solid primer to follow future events.

Age:  5th-8th Grades, Nonfiction

Highly Recommended.  Anne Beier-Hendrick Hudson Free Library



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