WHAT A GOOD BIG BROTHER! by Diane Wright Landolf and Paintings by Steve Johnson & Lou Fancher

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bigbrotherA very serious looking boy, Cameron, takes upon himself the care and comfort of his new baby sister Sadie. Cameron, who looks to be about three years old, becomes very familiar with the loud waaaaas from baby Sadie. Each time she cries, his parents explain to Cameron that she needs a clean diaper, or that she is hungry, or that she is tired. In each instance, Cameron helps by bringing a nursing cushion, or handing his dad wipes. After all her basic needs are covered, Sadie still cries. Then Cameron goes into action. He sits down next to her and pats Sadie’s tears until her cries become a whimper. Then, a break through – Sadie smiles her first smile at Cameron. What a good big brother! The realistic art work is heavily patterned in bright colors. The faces of the parents and children are natural, not prettified. The look of concern on the faces of Mom, Dad, and brother are convincingly conveyed. A sweet scene of mom nursing Sadie with little Cameron touching the baby’s toes, shows each child surrounded by love. This is an excellent book to give to a toddler who can learn to be a great helper to a new sibling.

Picture book Recommended  Lillian Hecker


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