YOU ARE WEIRD : YOUR BODY’S PECULIAR PARTS AND FUNNY FUNCTIONS by Diane Swanson and by illustrated by Kathy Boake

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weirdThis is a humorous look at some of the unusual ways the human body works. For instance, on average, one person sheds about 35,000 dead skin cells every minute. That’s more than two million cells an hour … no wonder we have dust bunnies under the bed! And, speaking of skin, an ancient Greek once tattooed a slave’s head, waited till the hair grew back, and then sent him to deliver the message. The slave shaved his head again. The message was: Rebel against Persia.  Swanson devotes double page spreads to body parts. In the pages devoted to eyes, for example, she includes an experiment to find your blind spot. Other pages deal with ears, teeth, hair, sinuses, feet, appendix, and nose. Colorful, goofy-looking kids and animals enhance the work. Included is a glossary and index. Emphasis on ancestors and evolution make this a fun teaching moment. This is not a biology book; it is more like the Guinness Book of World Records because it capitalizes on the gross and the bizarre nature of body parts. The author leaves the reader with the notion that science is always relearning and redefining facts. Readers are invited to participate in this ongoing investigation.

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Recommended- Lillian Hecker (Pelham)


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