AFTER THE TRAIN by Gloria Whelan.

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Iafter-the-trainn post-war Germany, thirteen year old Peter Liebig is excited about summer vacation.  He’s tired of hearing about Nazi atrocities and is looking forward to working with his father, an architect who is rebuilding a church destroyed during the war.  Troubled by nightmares and certain his parents are keeping a secret, Peter reads their wartime letters and concludes he is adopted.  After confronting his parents, Peter learns the truth—at the age of three, his birth mother, boarding a train for Dachau, gave him to the woman who would ultimately become Peter’s mother.   Thus begins Peter’s search for his identity.

Raised Catholic by loving parents, Peter, who has observed instances of anti Semitism in his town, begins to explore his Jewish identity.  Herr Schafer, a kindly Holocaust survivor, once a university professor, who now toils as a bricklayer, offers Peter hope and acceptance.

While the narrative moves briskly and will hold reader’s interest, sophisticated readers may guess the plot twist.  Some of Herr Schafer’s explanations of Jewish heritage and identity become a bit too instructive and slow the pace.

J Fiction

Additional, Diane McCrink (Yonkers Will)


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