THE COW THAT WAS THE BEST MOO-THER by Andy Cutbill and Illustrated by Russell Ayto

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cow-motherMarjorie the cow and her baby Daisy (who hatched from an egg in The Cow that Laid an Egg) enter the farmer’s beautiful baby contest.  Unfortunately Daisy doesn’t swish her tail or moo like the other babies, and when she swallows a fat, juicy worm on the farmer’s wife’s hat, the cows make fun of her.  But Marjorie lovingly declares “Daisy might not be like your babies, but she’s mine and I love her!”  Naturally, she wins Best in Show for being the world’s best Mom.

This is a sweet story, with a heartening message.  Comical renditions of the big eyed cows add humor.  An entertaining and amusing read aloud, but not as hilarious as the first book.

Picture Book

Additional +, Diane McCrink (Yonkers Will)


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