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chicken-soupCHICKEN SOUP by Jean Van Leeuwen, illustrated by David Gavril

A comedy of misunderstanding ensues when Mrs. Farmer says she’s making chicken soup.  What’s a little chick with a cold to do, but run away?!! Lots of laugh-out-loud fun from Westchester author and her artist son (living in Brooklyn). 


DO YOU LOVE ME? by Joost Elffers & Curious Pictures doyouloveme1

Minimal rhyming text issues a loving invitation to nestle, snuggle and snuzzle.  Cute toy-like creatures, in extreme close-up, pop off color-saturated pages and have eye-catching appeal.  Great bedtime fare—especially for the youngest. 


katyduckKATY DUCK IS A CATERPILLAR by Allyssa Satin CapucillI, illustrated by Henry Cole

Katy  Duck is not happy to learn she will be the caterpillar in the spring recital—but she manages to turn it into a starting role.  Another charmer from this Westchester author.


THE ODD EGG by Emily Gravettodd-egg2

Unable to lay an egg, Duck finds one and determines to hatch it himself.  Maternal one-upsmanship plays out in this witty, fresh and inventive tale sure  to delight most tots who will thrill to the surprise ending (if read with the right amount of zest). Wonderful watercolor and pencil illustrations and clever cut-out pages heighten the pleasures.


princessbess1PRINCESS BESS GETS DRESSED by Margery Cuyler, illustrated by Heather Maione

This little princess gets dressed and dressed and dressed as she changes clothes for each occasion of her day.  A humorous confection in rhyme by Westchester author, with charming ink and watercolor illustrations.


WORDS TO MY LIFE’S SONG by Ashley Bryanashley-brown2

This unique autobiography reflects and captures the essence of this beloved artist/poet/storyteller/soldier/philosopher/human spirit. Ashley Bryan invites readers of all ages (this is accessible to children and adults) to visit and walk through the stories of his life and find beauty everywhere. Pages of text are dazzlingly interrupted with photos and artwork.  



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LOVE, SPLAT by Rob Scotton. QUIET IN THE GARDEN by Aliki

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