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warriorsSince this is the fifth book in the third series about the warrior cats and their rival clans, purchase this book only if your library has the series.

Three littermates-Hollypaw, Lionpaw, and Jaypaw- are determined to free Shadow clan from the domination of Sol, a renegade cat seeking to destroy the warrior code.  Destined to fulfill a prophecy, they believe it is up to them to preserve the clans and the code so they devise a scheme to thwart Sol’s plan.  Jaypaw, who is blind and is an apprentice healer, has visions that lead him to find the catmint which helps him save sick cats.  Lionblaze, an accomplished warrior, sneaks across clan borders to find the catmint.

For anyone who hasn’t read the earlier books, the plot can be a little hard to follow. 

Although the main characters are well developed, it is hard to keep track of the innumerable secondary cats (there are seven pages of characters listed). 

But as the cats are forced to flee their homes during a forest fire, the three main characters learn a terrible secret that causes them to question their not only their destiny but their identity as well.  This secret may also have led to a shocking murder which ends the book.

Recommended, to continue the series

Diane McCrink- Yonkers Will


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