MOLE’S IN LOVE by David Bedford and illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw

March 27, 2009 at 12:22 am Leave a comment

moleMole emerges from his hole in spring, looking for someone to love. Unfortunately, due to his poor vision the first object of his affection (shiny, luscious black fur) turns out to be a horse that blows Mole a kiss that knocks him off his feet. His next love is a pretty pink nose that belongs to a pig who rubs Mole’s nose and send him sprawling in the mud. The gorgeous big feet of his next love belong to a goose whose feathers make Mole sneeze. Ready to concede defeat, Mole hears a tiny voice: “You have not looked hard enough!” Someone gives him a present—“perfectly sparkly eyeglasses”—through which he sees Mini, and realizes he isn’t looking for love any more because “love has already found him.”

Mole is an endearing character in his quest for true love, and the illustrations portray both his charm and the humor of his unsuccessful attempts to find his soul mate. Readers may not be surprised by the ending, but it is satisfying and joyful. Little hearts floating around the dialogue (“He was in love!”) add to the fun. A sweet, silly romance.

JP Recommended- Diane McCrink (Yonkers Will)


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