HOUNDSLEY AND CATINA PLINK AND PLUNK by James Howe and illustrated by Marie-Lousie Gay

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houndsleyWhen Bert, his usual canoeing companion isn’t available, Houndsley invites his best friend, the talkative Catina whose constant chattering drowns out the peaceful plink and plunk of the paddles that brings him such joy.  When Houndsley receives a gift of a bicycle, which, unfortunately, he can’t ride, he is unable to refuse Catina’s invitation to go for a bike ride.   Houndsley crash lands in an azalea bush.  A trade with Bert for a three-wheeler allows Houndsley to finally master the two-wheeler.  This prompts Catina to confess that she’s afraid of the water because she can’t swim which is why she was so talkative in the canoe.  Both realize each did what they didn’t want to do out of friendship.  Houndsley teaches Catina to swim and the three friends enjoy a (quiet) canoe ride. A warm, sweet friendship story, easily accessible to beginning readers. Local author.

JE  recommended  Diane McCrink (Yonkers Will)


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