TUMTUM AND NUTMEG: ADVENTURES BEYOND NUTMOUSE HALL by Emily Bearn and illustrated by Nick Price (Little Brown & Co.. 2009)

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tumtumIn Rose Cottage live the Mildew Family; Mr. Mildew, a widower and a frustrated inventor of useless gadgets like grape peelers and singing key rings and his two children Arthur and Lucy. Mr. Mildew is more than a little absent minded.  The children must care for themselves. The family is poor and the house and its residents look shabby. It falls upon the shoulders of a loving mouse couple Tumtum and Nutmeg to become the children’s care givers. The mice live in their own home, Nutmouse Hall, behind a heavy dresser in the Mildew kitchen. Together they manage to repair the broken heater in the freezing attic room where the children sleep, mend the children’s ripped clothes and leave little treats for them. The children think they have a real fairy godmother named Nutmeg. A military mouse veteran, General Marchmouse, stirs up the action by getting himself and others into all kinds of trouble. In three separate books we meet rat pirates, nasty Aunt Ivy who dislikes the children, mouse ballerinas who learn to use pogo sticks, and gerbils doomed to destruction. Through cunning and bravery the mice overcome all obstacles. These gentle adventures will delight young readers. Price’s beautifully rendered drawings help readers visualize the detailed world of the tiny folk.

J Fiction.  Recommended- Lillian Hecker (Pelham)


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