Our Choice: How We Can Solve the Climate Crisis by Al Gore (Viking/Melcher Media/Rodale, 2009)

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First the bad news: global warming, over population, droughts, dust bowls, deforestation. But for every ill there is a remedy, if we will it. Gore describes the problems by using facts, charts, photographs, maps, capital letters, headlines, diagrams, etc. The happy conclusion ( albeit, extremely difficult ) is that every problem can be solved. The last chapters detail how big business has sabotaged solutions and how people can be blind to unsavory facts. Indeed, Gore’s thrust is that young people are our best hope because they accept the need for change. The book, unfortunately, looks like a school textbook. It lacks an index which would be helpful for reports. Overall, this is a valuable book for everyone of every age because the ongoing menace couldn’t be more urgent and the solution could not be made clearer.

J Nonfiction (8 – 14), Recommended—Lillian Hecker (PEL)


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