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Take Two by Julia DeVillers (Simon & Schuster, 2010)

This is the sequel to Trading Faces (7 WLS libraries own—2 YA & 5 J)  7th grade twins Emma and Payton are learning their lesson not to trade places in school when their school counselor assigns them each different jobs around school instead of sitting in detention.  They have cut down on their twin hijinks,  but there are plenty of laughs in this story.  Readers who haven’t read Trading Faces will have no problem understanding the story or characters.  An Additional Purchase for J Fiction.

J,  Additional—TeeC (PortC)


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Maggie Bean in Love by Tricia Rayburn (Simon & Schuster, 2009)

The cover of this book is very attractive.  However, the story is not as appealing.  Readers who haven’t read the first 2 stories will have a hard time getting involved with the characters and story.  It can be quite confusing to follow this slow paced story.  A J/YA crossover–I wouldn’t recommend it.

J/YA, Not Recommended—TeeC (PortC)

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