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Missing in Action by Dean Hughes (Simon & Schuster, 2010)

Jay’s father who is off fighting in WW II is missing in action.  He has moved with his mom to her small hometown in Delta, Utah and are living with his grandparents who are upstanding members of the Mormon community.  Jay who is part Navajo is immediately identified as “Chief” by the boys in the town.  Jay works on his grandfather’s farm and meets Ken a Japanese American teenager who lives in the nearby Japanese internment camp.  Jay and Ken become friends and share a love of baseball.  Hughes does a great job of depicting the prejudice that both Jay and Ken face by the townspeople.  However, the story wraps up too neatly and leaves the reader with lots of questions.

J, AD— Tee C (Port Chester-Rye Brook)


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Manga for the Beginner Chibis by Christopher Hart (Watson-Guptill, 2010)

This colorful and “cool” illustrated book gives the basic idea of drawing Manga characters from start to finish.  However, it doesn’t show the reader how to expand their art skill on their own.  (Basically, the reader/drawer is copying the artistic style of the author)  A plus for this book is that it includes every Chibis possible.   5 libraries have this book as a YA, but I think it is a crossover and good for children interested in drawing Manga.

J/YA/Crossover, AD+—Tee C (Port Chester-Rye Brook)

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The Night Fairy by Laura Amy Schlitz (Candlewick Press, 2010)

Little Flory, no bigger than an acorn, was born a night fairy. When Flory was less than three months old, she was attacked by a brown bat who crunched her wings. Luckily, she landed in a giant’s garden and found shelter in an unused bird house. She no longer could protect herself at night and so, Flory became a daytime fairy. Her first friend was Skuggle, a young squirrel who was perpetually hungry. Flory showed Skuggle how to tip the bird feeder for seeds and in exchange, Skuggle became her means of transportation through the garden. Flory has many adventures with creatures of all kinds. She perfects her magic spells. She rescues a hummingbird and keeps the bird’s eggs warm. The life of a fairy is both magical and adventurous. Schlitz makes the magic come alive.

J Fiction, Recommended—Lillian Hecker (Pel)

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