Finding Danny by Linzi Glass (HarperCollins, 2010)

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Bree Davies, the only child of two high-powered journalists living in upscale Santa Monica, fills the void left by her unavailable parents by focusing on her lovable border collie, Danny.  The absence of her mom causes a large wake of resentment, but intensifies as Bree finishes 6th grade, when she needs mother.  Right before Danny’s worn out collar is to be replaced, he escapes the family’s fenced in yard after Bree’s mother forgets to lock it.  Of course Bree is devastated.  The plot kicks into high gear as deeper friction grows between daughter and mother, and the broadening search for Danny continues with the help of an unlikely new friend from school who is also a dog-lover.  Bree befriends an elderly neighbor after Danny’s collar is found in her yard.  She becomes a dedicated volunteer at an animal shelter after meeting quirky, but lovable Rayleen, who mentors her and helps search for Danny.  Pet lovers will enjoy this title with a strong story arc, and likable characters, despite two flaws. The ending wraps up too neatly. And, there is no mention of microchipping until the last quarter of the book, which is a well-known, common tracking device used with outdoor pets, and always recommended by vets and shelter workers. The absence of this thread of the story might not ring true for it’s intended audience.
Ages 8-12
J, R—Anne Beier  (Hendrick Hudson Free Library)


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