Meeting Notes

02-23-2010 Spanish Language Special Interest Group—Meeting Notes

02-23-2010 meeting notes spaces

01/19/2010  GET YOUR TOES WET meeting notes

12/15/2009 STORY HOUR REVISITED meeting notes


For meeting notes click HERE
Books to Share nominations available to view or edit on the children’s wiki.

For resources for serving Latino and Spanish speaking communities, as well as information on Nancy Coradin’s services, plus templates to create a Mi Biblioteca–Spanish Welcome Packet,  click here

For handouts from the 10/20/2009  meeting (Positive Youth Development)- please see the Teen Wiki page for Development Assets here

For notes on the 06/16/2009 Anne Izard Storytellers’ Choice Award meeting, click HERE

For 04/21/2009 Summer Reading Rally meeting notes, click here

For the Mount Vernon Children’s Library Service Guide brochure, click here

Handouts from 02/19/2009 PLDA Meeting- Unattended Children in the Library:

  • For NY and NJ state guidelines, click here
  • For Brooklyn Public Library policy on Unattended Children, click here
  • For samples of Public Library statements on Unattended Children, click here
  • Protocol Unattended Children/Truancy Issues and notes, click here
  • Port Chester-Rye Brook Public Library Unattended Children Policy, click here

Notes from 02/03/2009 Joint Meeting: Spinning Gold from Straw- Economic Realities, click here

Notes from 01/09/2009 Meeting: Chaos and Commotion, click here



Notes and handouts from 11/17/2008 92 St Y Wonderplay Conference:

  • Judith Rovenger’s notes from conference, click here
  • The Impact of the Loss of Free, Undirected Play on the Lives of Children (Michael Thompson), click here
  • Some meanings of listening, click here
  • Notes on Paraphrasing, click here
  • Quotable quotes about play, click here

Notes from 10/21/2008 meeting- Guest speaker Leonard Marcus- click here

Notes and handouts from 09/16/2008 meeting- The Important of Play:

  • For notes from the meeting, click here
  • For the program outline, click here
  • For the CDI Brochure on myths, tips and suggested readings, click here
  • For CDI Occasional Paper Abstracts, click here
  • For Learning Child film descriptions, click here

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