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How To Survive Middle School by Donna Gephart (Random House, 2010)

While this book received starred reviews and has an attractive cover and title, I found it very hard to get into and read.  David Greenberg is a huge fan of TV anchorman Jon Stewart (who I think most kids in grades 5-8 don’t know) creates videos starring himself and his hamster and puts them on You Tube.  Meanwhile, David misses his mom who has abandoned his family, he has trouble with his friend Elliott, and then the ultimate tragedy–David’s hamster passes away.  The story and characters are hard to relate to, are slow moving and dull.

J-Additional Purchase— J/YA Crossover, R—Tee C (Port Chester/Rye Brook)


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Little Blog on the Prairie by Cathleen Davitt Bell (Bloombury, 2010)

What do you get when you get 4 modern families and have them spend 2 months living a 1890s lifestyle named Camp Frontier?  Chaos, laughs and a big appreciation of modern living (things like air conditioning, grocery stores, indoor bathroom and plumbing etc)  Meanwhile 13-year-old Gen Walsh (the main character of this book) manages to sneak her cell phone inside the camp and is able to blog to the outside world how her summer vacation is really going.  Obviously no one in the camp realizes this, nor does Gen whose blog turns out to be a bigger hit than anyone could have realized.  Readers will find this a fast paced and comic read with several surprises.

J/YA Crossover, R—Tee C (Port Chester/Rye Brook)

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Manga for the Beginner Chibis by Christopher Hart (Watson-Guptill, 2010)

This colorful and “cool” illustrated book gives the basic idea of drawing Manga characters from start to finish.  However, it doesn’t show the reader how to expand their art skill on their own.  (Basically, the reader/drawer is copying the artistic style of the author)  A plus for this book is that it includes every Chibis possible.   5 libraries have this book as a YA, but I think it is a crossover and good for children interested in drawing Manga.

J/YA/Crossover, AD+—Tee C (Port Chester-Rye Brook)

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Devon Delaney Should Totally Know Better by Lauren Barnholdt (Simon & Schuster, 2009)

Readers who liked The Secret Identity of Devon Delaney will enjoy this sequel.  This crossover depicts Devon lying again when she sees her boyfriend Luke talking to Bailey.  Once Devon starts embellishing the truth she can’t stop and it snowballs into a big fiasco.  This humorous story will have readers laughing in their seats.

J/YA,  Recommended—TeeC (PortC)

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