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THE CAT’S TALE : WHY THE YEARS ARE NAMED FOR ANIMALS by Doris Orgel, illustrated by Meilo So

catstaleThis multi-generational story weaves current day and the ancient tale of the Chinese calendar.  A minor mishap occurs when Nai Nai, young Willow’s Grandmother, begins to read her version of the story to her granddaughter and her cat Mao.  Back, in her room Willow comforts her cat who starts to purr which magically allows Mao to tell the real story of Jade Emperor’s famous swimming race amongst the animals and why there is no Year of the Cat.  The tale provides a story within a story and the reader learns why each year is named after a specific animal, (Year of the Rat, etc.), and the significance of the order.  The watercolor illustrations are beautiful, expressive and work well with a fascinating legend older child will enjoy.

Picture Book, Folktales-  Recommended

Anne Beier
Irvington Public Library and Hendrick Hudson Free Library


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