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mommy-where-are-youMommy, Where Are You? uses very clever page design to describe  a young mouse’s search for his mother. For example, on one page he sees a grey patch through the slates of a fence, and thinks it’s his mother. When the reader turns the page with the fence (an actual cut-out fence with a hole in it), it reveals “only some silvery fountain grass.” This pattern, where the mouse sees an element that resembles his mother, only to find a different object, is repeated until he finally finds her. The format is similar to a lift-the-flap book, but the flaps are more organically integrated into the illustrations. This design also seems like it would withstand wear-and-tear better than a lift-the-flap book, but it is still advisable to buy a reference copy as well as a circulating copy.

JP- Recommended for children ages 2-5.18pp.

Aili Whelan- Grinton I. Will Library, Yonkers.


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CAT by Matthew Van Fleet

catThis interactive concept book about cats provides as much opportunity for exploration and fun as Dogs and Tails.  Twenty – three different breeds of cats are photographed with various expressions, playing or posing.  Pulling a flap could surprise readers; a kitten popping its head out of a boot, or making a tail wag.  There are wonderful touch and feel features; a silky tail, a wrinkly body, and a squeak toy.  Other flaps open for more surprises; “Catastrophe,” a photo of a cat that broke a vase, and an imposing Bull Dog, “Look What the Cat Dragged In.”  The book will wear in time, but is well worth the hours of delight and opportunities for play and fun. Leave this book out on a table or in a cozy reading area for children and caregivers to enjoy or take home. Local Author.

Picture Book

Recommended- Anne Beier (Hendrick Hudson Free Library)

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